100 Little Monsters GamePlay:

Many players are always looking for a new journey in the game space that they cannot miss like 100 Little Monsters at http://gogy2.xyz/. Little monsters move to the cups running around them. The task of the player is to pour them into the cups so that the cups cannot be empty. If you leave them empty, the glasses will disappear. This game is really interesting until the last little monster disappears and you score with the highest level through the turns.

This is truly an interesting game for any online player to join the exciting journey that we introduce to online players around the world. Don't hesitate. Keep as many small monsters as possible by moving them into the cups as much as possible. Players are not bothered by any weaknesses when playing games at Gogy2 XYZ. These free games have become familiar to any player. However, each topic will be organized and include different games. You can totally join the new games at any time when you have time.

The game space of this game has attracted the most fastidious players. Each game helps you score different points and levels. Overcome all challenges with the highest score. What are you waiting for without unlocking new journey similar to such as Dogi Bubble Shooter and Flying Turtle? Any game has different play tips. Find and overcome it together. Share with your friends.

Controls game: Use the left mouse button to open the small monsters to move to the cups at the bottom-most accurately and do not miss

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