2 Dots Challenge GamePlay:

Players only have a short time to participate in the 2 Dots Challenge at http://gogy2.xyz/. Each time shooting blue or red dots on, players will have to shoot exactly the corresponding color. If red shot at green or blue shot at red, the game will be over. Therefore, you must be careful when participating in this online game while raising the score through different shootings. There are two shooting directions from bottom to top.

This is a hard game. Not only do you observe the dots of different colors but you also consider the timing of each shot and try to perfect them in the shortest amount of time. Gaming tips are also used in this new game. Many game players around the world have achieved a record score through turns. How about you? Gogy games expand the list of latest games by different topics for players of age and hobby that you cannot ignore. Any player has the opportunity to participate in this game and overcome challenges that they have never participated in previous games.

Difficulties can make you stronger and uncover the secrets in this new online game. The list of games is constantly updated for players of different topics and you can easily search them when searching in your play section. Each trip helps you expand the game world and fulfill any requirements of the games. The list of new games is constantly updated on our website. Some of my favorite games are similar to this game for all online players like Sprinter and Gladiator Wars Memory. Get ready to be the best player today.

How to play: Use the left mouse button to shoot dots at the appropriate location without any other colors

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