AirWings: Missile Attack GamePlay:

AirWings: Missile Attack at gogy 2 player is a fierce battle of fighter planes in the sky. Imagine that you were lost in the area of aliens. Aliens are looking for ways to destroy you right away because they fear that you can reveal secret information about their lives to humans. In the sky, you are alone and you have to try to fight with no teammates and no help. To destroy you, aliens use a series of modern missiles to destroy your fighter.


In particular, these missiles not only have a fast speed but also create a terrible destruction. Their mobility is extremely diverse. They will attack in all directions and even chase you in the sky. You will face a series of missiles at the same time at high speed. So, you have to drive your fighter very carefully and avoid being destroyed by the missiles. However, this task is quite difficult for you because the missiles will appear unexpectedly from different sides. Therefore, you need to watch carefully and constantly to find a reasonable strategy in battle at gogy online games.


Note that, you should control your fighter to move in vertical and horizontal rows and avoid creating circles because many missiles will attack you at the same time.


Besides, you also can use armor bonuses to protect yourself from all missiles in a short time. Use them in the right time to get the best results. Besides, there are some similar games that you will love to play like Speed Racing Pro 2 at http://gogy2.xyz


How to play?

You can control your fighter by using arrow keys on the keyboard.