Angry Worms GamePlay:

Angry Worms game at Gogy 2 is a fun and addictive multiplayer game that has the participation of many players from different countries around the world. In this battle, you will have the opportunity to discover and make friends with many players to learn and show talent. This game is designed with unique character images that combine the worm image and the bird image. This cute character image will give the players a lot of fun and excitement.


Here, your main task is to control your character moving constantly on the screen and collect the sparkling dots. These bright particles will appear everywhere and your goal is to collect the brightest particles as possible. The more light particles you collect, the bigger your worm becomes. Try your best to collect as many light beads and become the largest worm in the world at gooey game.


Besides, you have another important mission in this battle. You must fight to defend and attack the enemy when they attack you. Here, you have only 2 choices: Fight for survival or be destroyed by enemies. Which one do you choose? To destroy other worms, you just need to make their head hit your body.


Remember that the enemy will also destroy you in the same way. Once the enemy is destroyed, you should take advantage of the opportunity to collect power and become bigger. Don’t forget to play more with Angry Birds Space at http://gogy2.xyz/.


Controls: Use the mouse to control your worm on the screen.

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