Archer Defense GamePlay:

In Archer Defense your goal is to protect your territory and prevent your enemies from breaking through your defense line! Initially, you only have a bow at your disposal, but you can upgrade it over time. Strategically set up your defense with upgrades such as sentries and barbed wires. Strengthen your arrows with power-ups like bomb, multi-shot, and freeze arrows to gain a tactical advantage. Don’t forget to collect daily rewards and unlock new, powerful bows by opening lootboxes containing cards. Can you withstand the relentless waves of enemies attacking your defenses?

 Make your arrows stronger with different power-ups such as bomb, multi-shot and freeze arrows, and use them to your tactical advantage. Come back daily to collect daily rewards. Uncover lootboxes to obtain cards that will unlock new and powerful bows. How long can your defenses hold out against a massive wave of enemies? Enjoy playing this games onGogy2 online.

With simple and enjoyable gameplay, it will keep you hooked for hours. Break a leg in every battle and make sure you check out other fun games such as Sky Bridge and Stickman Gradient.

Instruction to play:


Defend your position with a trusty bow!

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