Baby Taylor Caring Story New Hairstyle GamePlay:

The job of a hairstylist is not easy at all. Not only will you have to come up with pretty design for each model but you also have to execute the steps carefully. Baby Taylor Caring Story New Hairstyle, the new Gogy girl game will challenge your creativity with hairstyles! As Taylor's new babysitter, one of your most important tasks is to make her happy with the best hairstyles! Of course, you can redo the hair many times for experimenting. Make sure that you come up with a new theme for each trial! By choosing which hairstyle to create, you are on the first step. To pass the stage, you have to first wash Taylor's hair to prepare for the steps later.

Now that it's carefully washed and air-dried, it's good to move to the next stage of decorating. You have to follow the steps in the tutorial perfectly to create the matching braid or ponytail as in the picture. If you miss out on one single step, the result will not satisfy Taylor. Our tip for newbies in this game at gogy at school is to work slowly and carefully. You can learn tons of tips and tricks on how to handle the hair tangles, make the braids and tie the hair. Don't forget that we store more girl games like Annie's Handmade Sweets Shop and Frozen Sisters Vacations Vibes for you as well! Come and try out the fun with your girls! Controls: Use the mouse to do the hair.

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