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Try to move to the final line, you will have a chance to throw the ball into the basket in the new Basketball .io game at http://gogy2.xyz/. This is a battle of the basketball sport that game enthusiasts all over the world want to participate in and overcome all challenges. Our website is proud to bring players a new space very interesting and attractive game that players can perfect their gameplay and skills to win with the highest score.

Save your gameplay to help the next players if they don't know how to get past this great sports game yet. If you're ready for new battles, you'll know how to get past the game without being disturbed. Follow the ball and bounce your opponent to throw the ball into the basket. You can score the fastest points in this game. What is the highest score you scored in this game? The best players are constantly updated in the rankings and you will be surprised at the new game space in this game that you have never participated in Gogy2 xyz.

Our latest games are updated daily by topic. Players can run after each ball or simply satisfy the new game content that multiplayer io basketball game brings. Observe and redirect your moves to try to get the ball for your journey. We also updated a lot of similar games with this io game for players like CityCraft .io and Paint.io Teams. Are you ready with them?

How to play: Use the left mouse button to move and throw the ball into the basket

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