Black Hole.io GamePlay:

Black Hole.io game at http://gogy2.xyz/ has attracted many online game players in the world to join. With special power and flexible mobility, you will complete different paths in the city with increasing size. Your mission is to move and suck all the people in the city into the hole. Your score will increase gradually in this game and you have the opportunity to complete tasks in the best way with the abilities you have.

Surely other players will destroy you if they are larger in size. Therefore, you need to become stronger by swapping as many people as possible. Don't collide with other holes if you don't want to lose and stop this game. We create conditions for players to overcome all challenges with their own great abilities. You just need to follow the instructions and start playing with the most basic skills.

Gogy2 online games the best update the latest games for players with different topics and you can search easily when you want to participate in your spare time or actively save on List of latest games to join. The .io game brings a new world for online gamers to have the opportunity to relax and entertain with completely different content. You will know how to complete the task with the highest score and top the ranking of weekly good game players.

We suggest players around the world another special.io game that you can also spend a short time exploring like Hole.io and Stickman.io. Don't miss the game world with countless exciting challenges today.

How to play:

Click and hold the left mouse button to move in different directions until you suck all the people into the hole

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