Block Tech: Epic Sandbox GamePlay:

Show your creativity when completing the latest cars with different shapes in the game Block Tech: Epic Sandbox at http://gogy2.xyz/. With different shapes and features, your car will be more special than ever. You can complete the task to earn money and buy spare parts of the car. They will help you complete the car perfectly. Please note the weight of the vehicle and the parts you use to increase or decrease its speed to best suit.

You can fight with other cars to earn extra money to upgrade your car in this special game. However, do not miss the opportunity to learn and join the most beautiful cars you have created in this game. You will understand the necessary parts of a vehicle and choose to assemble or remove them in the play section.

Share tips to play with other players if you want to complete the challenges of this game at Gogy2 new games for fun. Different game themes will have endless challenges with different games for you. Games are constantly being updated and players cannot miss their new journey today. Discover and complete all the intentions of the most beautiful car you've ever created in this new game.

Besides, you can instruct other players to join them to get the highest number of points. What is the most beautiful car after you finish? We help players discover many similar games with this game like Lof Parking and Motor Hero. You will love them.


WASD to move

Ctrl to boost

Mouse 0 to look camera

The left mouse to build

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