Blocky Rabbit Jumping GamePlay:

Blocky Rabbit Jumping is a relaxing game at gogy for kids. Let’s join in the running away from the aggressive Wolf with the Rabbit and your mission is to help the weak Rabbit escape from his enemy and overcome all obstacles on the way he runs. It is an endless game so there is unlimited fun when playing, suitable for all people in every age. 


This is  a very challenging game that is very addictive and competitive in which you control a rabbit that needs to run away from the chasing wolf. Running across the river - Rabbit has only one choice that is moving forwards, however, it is not easy for him. You need to jump from a platform to platform. There are many hurdles for the rabbit, such as dangerous crocodiles, Turtles and rotten woods …. Let's take your own experience with Blocky Rabbit Jumping at gogy 2018 games!


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◉ A fun jumping game featuring a rabbit and a wolf

◉ You can do a single and double jump

◉ You need to run away from the wolf whilst jumping on the correct platforms

◉ Side-scrolling view

◉ Many obstacles like cracked tree trunks and alligators



To do a single jump: Hold left mouse button or space bar

To do a double jump: Hold right mouse button or right shift

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