Classic Snake .io GamePlay:

Classic Snake .io game at Gogy online is a fascinating multiplayer game that gets lots of positive reviews from millions of players around the world. In this game, you will have the opportunity to play with multiple players in different countries. Thence, you can make friends and have fun in life. With this exciting multiplayer game, you will control a snake and your purpose is to become the longest snake in the world. You will have 2 important missions in the game.


At Gogy 2, your first task is to increase the size of the snake and help it survive as long as possible. If you want your snake to grow longer, you have to collect as many bright blocks as possible. Bright blocks appear continuously with different positions on the screen. Keep your eyes to observe carefully and collect tons of bright blocks along the way. Besides, another important task for you is to attack the enemy.


To kill the enemy, you just let it crash into your body. You should remember that enemies will also attack you in the same way. As soon as your enemies are destroyed, you should take advantage of the opportunity to collect energy and become longer in the game. Be careful with other snakes because they can attack you at any time.


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Controls: The players can use the mouse to play the game.

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