Cliff Diving GamePlay:

Cliff Diving is a simulation of an adventure sport in which you have to jump into the water from the top of a cliff. Here at Gogy 2 kids, the main thing is to grasp how to control your character. First you need to determine which angle is perfect for an excellent jump and then release him to jump. In jumping process, you will do some flips and try to enter the water as straight as you can.


You may feel quite difficult to do the things and fail several times at the beginning. But, keep calm, try again and you will make it through. There are altogether twelve challenging levels for you to conquer. And the number of the turns of jump as well as the difficulty will increase with each level. Remember that you only can go to the next level when completing the current one. After each level, you can receive stars that boost your scores so much.


The better your performance is, the more stars you will get. So, make use of your abilities to perform as best as possible and unblock all the given levels. When you go to the last level, it is well on in the night and what a great day you have had here. You may want to play some similar games such as Ski Jump 2. You can absolutely discover more other interesting genres with daily updated games with a few clicks at gogy2.xyz/. Have fun!


How to play? Use your mouse to control the character when playing this game on the computer or tap directly on the game screen if you play the game on other devices.

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