Counter Craft 2 Zombies GamePlay:


Counter Craft 2 Zombies is an action, shooting game in the vast minecraft map. Your mission is to use three different weapons to defeat each approaching zombie horde. Try to conquer all the challenges with increasing difficulty, good luck!

Counter Craft 2 Zombies combines Counter-Strike Games online with Minecraft, a combo that worked very well in the past, and we're sure it will now too, as you need to go on the pixelated maps that are remakes of classic CS maps and shoot down blocky zombies wanting to kill you!

Kill zombies to earn coins and unlock cool skins for Noob. Can you guess this game offers how many levels for you to play? It has 400 levels in total and with this huge number of levels, you will have hours of joy before you explore other games such as Stickman vs Huggy Wuggy and Abandoned Lab. Don’t forget that new games are coming every day. Have fun!

Instruction to play: Move with WASD, jump with space, sprint with shift, aim and shoot with the mouse, reload with R, and use T for bullet time. We wish you simply the best, as always, and invite you to stick around for way more fun to come!


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