Donut vs Donut GamePlay:

Donut vs Donut is an interesting fast-paced pixel multiplayer game at gogyGames 2018. There are 4 players will participate. You are a donut and your aim isto stay alive and survive to the end. You can call your friends and play together. These donuts are really cute! Don't miss this game. Have fun!


In this combative game at gogy 2, push the other donuts off the plate. Make sure you're the last one standing. You can play this game with up to three friends and of course you can show them that you're the best. Be the last donut in the ring to win. The last donut in the ring wins! Once the donuts randomly spawn off the plate click the flag again, or you can click the menu button. Are you going to defeat eveyone? 


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☆☆☆ Features ☆☆☆

☆ Instant fun for friends and family

☆ Probably the first game ever with live, inflating, explosive donuts

☆ Sweet, but non-fattening


Controls: 1 button control, hold to dash, release to turn.

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