Dot Adventure GamePlay:

Dot Adventure is the challenging arcade game which is playable gogy 2 games for free. You are a little dot on a big adventure! Certainly you've missed a dot at the end of the sentence, and the teacher asked where it went. In this adventure, you will find the answer! It has gone for an adventure. However the world around is not as friendly as the dot thought and would rather go back to the line at the end of the sentence. Will you help it to jump all the pit, spines and get to the end?


Here at gogy 5 com player, there will several levels to overcome as you need to solve the puzzle of the level and find the correct path to the finish area. Bounce around platforms in each level. Try to get into the finishing area to complete the level. Make sure that to not touch any of the spikes! If you do you will fail the level, you must start again. You have to also try to collect stars on your journey. Collect all of the stars to get a perfect score! Much fun!


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Use the left and right arrow to move.

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