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It's a peaceful day on Earth! The brave duck felt like he was on top of the world after winning a series of epic races. All of a sudden, in the sky, a worm-hole materialises and an evil looking alien duck appears. Without hesitation, he steals your hard-earned champion crown and flies off into space. Can you help him get it back?


Before start, you can customise your duck and even choose its color, eyes and paint scheme. Join the duck racing tournament on each world to win a trip to another planet, and get one step closer to your goal! In the game at agogy kizi, as usual, you must train up in running, flying, swimming, climbing, jumping and intelligence so you can race your way across the universe to get back your crown! 


The more you train, the quicker and more agile your duck will become! Don't forget to keep their stamina and energy full, you must to feed your duck regularly. As you have trained your duck sufficiently, you can enter tournaments and travel to 6 different planets such as Earth, Moon, Mars, Terra, Freez and Pyro. Train up your duck to become the champion of the universe.


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☆☆☆ Features ☆☆☆

☆ 6 different planets with their own species of alien ducks

☆ More than 30 different races to enter

☆ 6 different skills to learn and 24 mini games to train them

☆ Customise your ducks with hats, hairstyles, clothes and paint

☆ Adorable characters

☆ Outstanding graphics

☆ Captivating music



Running controls

The left click to change side

Swimming controls

Use Arrows to swim

Flying controls

The left and right arrow to move

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