Elsa Little Chef Rainbow Baking GamePlay:

Elsa Little Chef Rainbow Baking is a fun cooking game with detail instructions and beautiful graphics, easy controls which suit all ages, especially for kids. Kids can play without parents. At friv Games for free, little Elsa wants to make her mother surprise with her baking skills. She’s going to bake Rainbow cake and Rainbow macaron for her mom but you know that she is a kid, so she can’t use a knife and oven. Are you willing to help in these parts?

You can enjoy a great gaming experience with her. Let’s start with Rainbow cake first. You put flour, butter, a pinch of salt, sugar, 2 eggs, and milk into a big bowl and mix it up. Then, you divide this mixture into 7 parts and pour some drops of food coloring with 7 colors in the rainbow. Mix until you got perfectly 7 dough parts with a different color.

Next, you use a rolling pin to flatten dough. And roll it up into a big roll. Now, you cut this big roll into a half and put it into the over. Wait until it’s cooked and you can the cake into small pieces. Rainbow cake is done. Now, it’ time to make some macarons. You mix icing sugar, almond powder, a pinch of salt. You separate the egg yolk from white york and use a hand mixer to mix the white york. Mix it up.

On http://gogy2.xyz/, you also divide this mixture into 7 parts with 7 colors and bake it. Add a dollop of buttercream to one macaron shell, then top it with another macaron shell to create a sandwich. The rainbow macaron is done. You and Elsa did a great job. Join other cooking adventures in How To Make Homemade Sugar Cookies and Frozen Sisters Spring Out Day


Follow the in-game instructions to baking by using your mouse.