Escape The Fuzz GamePlay:

Escape The Fuzz is a unique combination of puzzle game and racing game at Go gy play. This game is not easy for you to conquer because this game requires the players many different skills to solve the problem. This game is divided into 16 attractive levels with different challenges.


At each level, the level of challenge will increase significantly, so you need to focus on observing and giving a reasonable tactic in the game. In this game you will be a criminal and your purpose is to escape from the intricate maze of police in the city. Here, you don’t have any other options, instead you need to find a safe escape to save yourself. So, in order to pass this game, you need to train as many abilities as your intelligence, vision and driving skills.


In particular at www gogy 2 com, you should remember that the police will appear everywhere and they will find ways to block the exit in the city. So, you don’t have much time to think, you need to drive the car accurately and observe quickly. Whenever you find a way out, you need to turn quickly and finish level in the shortest time. Warning! The speed of this game is quite fast and dangerous.


In particular, your car can collide and be destroyed any time in the maze. So, you have to focus on careful observation and driving in every situation. Are you ready to escape from the police maze? Hurry up! If you love this game genre, you can follow this list of games like Raccoon Racing at http://gogy2.xyz


Controls: Press arrow keys to start and race!

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