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Free Kick free online game is based on football. The game simulates the most popular sport in the world. Your task is to kicking the ball and make goals as many as you can. If you are into soccer, this game is perfect for you. Free Kick game at Gogy 2 free is so spectacular that you can’t help stop it.


You are the only one player on the field. You don’t belong to any team and you don't also compete with any opponents. In gogy 2018 games, you practice alone. You will shoot three balls in a net. You try kicking balls into the goal. Now and then, a bull eye turns up and you must shoot at it. You have three balls to launch them into the goal. If you win, you will get stars to open new functions and customize new factors. Specifically, you can change the ball design, choose a new player, select the weather or type of goal. 


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Use the mouse to play.

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