Frog Fights With Buddies GamePlay:

Frog Fights with Buddies is a fun multiplayer response duel game where you need to take the frog leap starting with one leaf then onto the next. In this free internet game on Gogy2.xyz your goal will be to bounce starting with one leaf then onto the next to get bugs and drive your adversary into the water. The main frog to acquire 15 focuses dominates the match.

Frogs! Jump from lily pad to lilypad, and eat bugs. Kick your frog opponents into the water! First to 15 points wins. Casual friendly frog theme with beautiful artwork. Hope you have fun and make sure you discover more games on our site. To help you save time, here are some of the best choices for you Survival 456 But It Impostor and Pokey Stick


Mouse or touch to play this games.