Furious Road GamePlay:

Furious Road is an excellent choice for those who love both car driving games and shooting games. Your aim in this game is to drive as far as possible. The thing is that there are other cars incessantly making difficulties for you by shooting at you.


Here at Gogy unblocked, first you need to keep yourself safe. Observe carefully and use your driving skills to dodge in and out on the racetrack to evade opponent attacks. Then, bide your time and shoot down opponent cars before they wound you too much. There are 2 types of opponent cars: normal type and boss type. The boss type is a big container which can smash your car to pieces within a musical note.


Stay focused so that you can receive the signal of the boss opponent and then avoid it. A normal opponent can be killed by a chain of guns in a period of time but to defeat the boss opponent, you will need more efforts. In the game, besides opponent attacks, you also have to avoid obstacles on the racetrack like broken cars or small mounds.


In addition, as you progress further in the game, you can lose the game when you run out of power. So, don't forget to collect petrol tanks and medical aids along your way. It's interesting that you can earn cash after driving and then use the cash to purchase new cool weapons. Have fun! You may want to play similar games such as Car Toys:Season 1 and Offroad Truck Driver


How to play?

Press AD or Left/Right arrow keys to move;

Spacebar to attack.

Use your mouse to interact with other items in the game.

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