Giant Snowball Rush GamePlay:

Giant Snowball Rush is the new io race for the fans of the thrilling chase and fast-paced motions! Come to explore the world filled with snow and ice in this Gogy game 4 kids and demonstrate your stamina! In this game, all three players participating in a level will continuously roll the ball of snow until it's big enough to crash through the wall. Keep hitting the wall with more balls of snow and gather the coins on your path so that you can get the top bonuses.

First, choose the starting force by stopping the indicator on the bar. This motion will give you the first momentum to kick off the race. Do your best to control the movement of your character and avoid the spikes as well as rolling near the coins. As you push the snowball, keep in mind that another important task of this game shall be to stay on the few first positions of the race.

Once you reach the finish line, your biggest snowball then will be thrown for boosters and bonuses. During the trip, the players need to keep pushing the ball through areas with snow so that the snowball can roll and become bigger and bigger. When you see a new wall, you can use the weight of the snowball to overcome it.

A tip for new players is that you should be careful when the ball gets bigger. The larger the ball, the harder it is to control and maneuver it. Such a cool game comes with intuitive graphics and a user-friendly interface for free at https://gogy2.xyz/! Other new games like Shark Ships  and Bouncy Race 3D are added to the same collection of games, feel free to check them out later once you crack this game!

Instructions: Click and hold the left mouse cursor to control the character.