Helix Jump GamePlay:

Well, in the Helix Jump, your main task is to direct your active bouncing ball through the length of the tower as long as possible. The rule is that you only can continue the game when you jump perfectly through every crack of the tower and the land on a black platform. Here at gogy game, if you hit a yellow platform, the game is over immediately. It’s easy and clear to grasp the rule of the game right from the first time. But if you want to be called a pro player, you need lots of practice.


This game is a game that pits your skills against the talents of thousands of players from around the world. Carefulness is the first key you need to control the game. Keep your eyes to observe before every move. Turn the carefulness into a skill and then, practice till you have an extremely short reaction time.


Besides, it’s an interesting thing that you can move in and between the platforms to collect diamonds to boost your scores. Replay for more times to improve your skills and hit the highest score. Have a great time!


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How to play:

On the computer: Use left mouse click to interact, left/right arrow keys to make the platform turn to left/right.

On other devices: Tap directly on the game screen to play.

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