Impossible GamePlay:

To win the new puzzle game called Impossible, you will need to think fast and precise. It is a fun yet tough arcade puzzle game from the collection of Gogy land with the blocks on a 2D gaming platform. The main graphics resemble the graphics of Tetris a little bit, yet the gameplay is totally different. You will have to adjust the location of the scattered blocks on the screen to make the same image as the standard picture. Using the least moves possible will help you gain more scores.

Why? The fewer steps you use, the more yellow stars you will get at the end of the level. There always be a target pattern on each level waiting for you to complete. Since your initial disordered blocks are all over the place, you have to think of the strategy first before starting the game. Can you manage to complete the mover and all 21 levels without failing once? For new players in this game at gogy for school for kids you will get the hang of it after a few trials only. Don't worry since there is a detailed tutorial to guide you through the steps necessary to win the game. There is also a countdown clock at the corner of the screen to manage your time and progress. If you are looking for more puzzle games with the same genre, why don't you check out some games like Make 5 and Animated 2048?

Instructions: Move the blocks using the mouse. 

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