Jungle Dash Mania GamePlay:

Why don't you challenge yourself to an adventure that greatly challenges your skills? You can transform into a character in this game Jungle Dash Mania at http://gogy2.xyz/. 

Then you need to run and escape from the chase of a big bear in this forest. things are not so simple, but in front of you, countless deadly pitfalls are rocks or other feelings blocking your movement.

If you stumble upon them, you will lose your distance from the bear that you will have to stand closer to. so the faster the bear will run and catch up. Try not to collide with anything.

This is not a blessing but it helps you get a lot of bad things. Jump above obstacles like rock traps on a tree stump.

Honestly give yourself lots of chromosomes that have the power to protect and strengthen yourself in this crazy running game run despite all the observations as long as you focus on the antagonist. very fast, everything will be as simple as you can run and reflex which is a very difficult thing but I believe that for you as a skilled person you will completely win the bear and return. destination in the safest way.

Draw on the topic a high score and unlock lots of next exciting levels in the game Jungle Dash Mania at gogy2.xyz/.

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Control: Use the mouse to run and jump all over the floors.