Kitten Match GamePlay:

Well, if you are looking for a game that allows you to exercise yourself and play at the same time, then Kitten Match is a wonderful choice for you today. This game requires you to have a great memory and an active brain to play. Here at Gogy 2, the playful kittens like playing hide and seek. They are hiding behind small cards and your task now is to match identical pairs of kittens and score points. This task sounds quite simple but it’s not easy to implement.


At the beginning of each level, all the cards will be turned over for a few seconds so that you can have an overall view. And you’d better catch as many positions of the pairs as possible at this time. Of course, you can turn over one by one to check then but this way does not bring the greatest efficiency. Moreover, if you remember exactly all the positions at the first sight, you can make an uninterrupted chain of matches and then you’ll gain combo points. Thus, you should have a great concentration to observe and remember quickly to get correct connections.


The number of the cards will increase over the coming levels and promises to challenge you. Try your best to hit the highest score! Good luck! You can also continue challenging yourself with other intellectual games like The Impossible Quiz at http://gogy2.xyz. Enjoy your day!


How to play? Use your mouse to play this game.