Knife Trials GamePlay:

The wooden circle is constantly rotating and someone is on it. You have to throw a knife at the points on the wooden circle without hitting the person when you join the Knife Trials game at http://gogy2.xyz/. If you exceed the number of turns to throw people on the wooden circle, The game will end.

This is an adventurous knife throwing game where players must complete the challenges of each level. The higher the level, the harder the level will increase. The number of points that appear on the circle of wood also increases and you need to determine the exact time to throw knives and win in this game. We suggest giving players a way to play the game and the most appropriate tips for each game for you to join and win with the highest score.

This adventure game is chosen and relaxed by many online game players during their free time. Share with your friends the list of favorite games if they are also looking for and want to have the most interesting gaming space at Gogy2 new games. If you watch circus and Impressed with the performances, you can complete this game with passion and knowledge that you can use.

Throwing skills will help you based on accurate judgment when the wood circle turns to the position you can throw. This throwing game is chosen by many players and participates in their free time with various completion records. You will win and be able to top the rankings if you play the game best.

We also suggest giving players some other exciting games so you can relax in your free time such as Knife Hit and Alien Storm. Please choose a game that suits your interests and degrees. Your age and join today.


Press the left mouse button after you have located the correct position to throw a knife without touching the person on the wooden board

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