Love Balls GamePlay:

You want to become the winning player in the intellectual game. You want to overcome all the challenges to bring the ball closer together. All will have in the online game Love Balls game in gogy exciting games to train your brain. In this game, two balls love each other, but they are separated. It does not have hands and feet and your task will help them come closer together by using the mouse to draw the proper path and push the blue ball closer to the pink ball.


The game is not too hard for you right? Do not worry because you will pass it all if you think that it is more reasonable. The game helps to train the brain very well. At each level, two balls will randomly place in different positions. And you'll draw the right path, using the mouse to draw a vertical bar, a horizontal bar, or a heavy circle that is used to push the ball moving in the same way that the two balls meet. The game has many levels.


When you put two balls together, you win and go up another level. Levels will gradually increase the level of difficulty for players requiring your brains to operate more flexible, more rational to overcome these challenges. Do you have the confidence to win this game? How many levels will you pass? It all depends on your thinking.


Do not forget to invite your friends to participate in the game and share the joy with them. And if you like, invite friends to play the same games like Rabbit Jumps and You Break My Heart in http://gogy2.xyz/ for more relaxing moments.


How To Play:

Use mouse to play in game.

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