Mine Clone 3 GamePlay:

Mine Clone 3 is the third installment of the famous 3D Mine Clone series. In this game, you will be able to change the world around you to generate your own dream world. Customize the settings of the map, the type of terrain and the length of the day according to your preferences and let the fun begin.


Here at Gogy game play , you are free to walk around this blocky world and use your tools to collect various materials such as wood, metal and stone. Then, you can use these materials to craft new tools, weapons and even structures. You can also discover the world deep underground by visiting the tunnels and mines.


Like in real life, you need food and sustenance to survive in this world, and then you must go to find them. But remember that besides friendly animals, there are savage animals and creepy monsters that also want to occupy the land and thus they may attack you. Choose a proper weapon to fight them, or sometimes, running away is also a good idea.


Survive through days and nights and let your imagination run wild to build amazing structures. It is interesting that the game allows you to save your worlds and load them anytime. Have a nice day!


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How to play?

Press WASD or Arrow keys to move;

I to open inventory;

Left mouse button to destroy an object;

Right mouse button to place an object

P to open the menu.

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