Mini Golf: Jurassic GamePlay:

We all love Mini Golf, right? Welcome to the world of Mini Golf: Jurassic at gogy for school for kids. This is a fantastic mini golf game featuring some amazing Jurassic themes. Try to give the real feel of being in the prehistoric world. You can see them on each of the different mini golf courses, dinosaurs roam through the land still! You can play through a range of different levels. Each one has a different style and obstacles to overcome. Enjoy!


While hitting your ball along the courses, you will encounter real creatures and prehistoric plants, over crazy obstacles, through tubes and tunnels and even avoiding falling track parts. We have started with a HUGE 50 levels and 2 games mode: 

◉ Classic: In this mode, gives you unlimited time and an unlimited number of shots. The golf holes do have a ‘par’ but that’s just a guide and the levels can’t be failed.

◉ Challenge: In this mode, if for players who enjoy more of a challenge, rather than just getting the fun from playing. You have a set number of shots for each mini golf hole and it’s game over, if you can’t finish the course in that set number of shots.


Use your golfing skills to put the ball in as little number of shots as possible. After each hole, you earn credits depending on your score, and you can use these credits to purchase cool new golf clubs or power-ups too that can improve your shots. Triumph in the Jurassic era and show off your golfing skills?


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☆ A fun Mini Golf game with dinosaurs theme

☆ Many levels to beat

☆ 2 game modes: Classic & Challenge

☆ Buyable new golf ball models and power-ups

☆ Smooth animations



Use the left mouse button to play.

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