Mortar Watermelon GamePlay:

Mortar Watermelon is a fun shooting game that is loved and selected by many players in the category of attractive games in Gogy 2. The game always receives positive comments from players and they often express their happy feelings when playing this game.


This game is divided into different levels and difficulty level is also increased significantly after each level. What is your mission in this game at Gogy games? Your main task is to control the watermelon carefully and shoot it at the target on the screen. These goals will appear in different places, even in remote and difficult areas. Your goal is to adjust the direction of the watermelon until it reaches the target.


Besides, use your ingenuity to help the watermelon pick fruits on the way to the goal. This task is not so easy for you because these fruits will appear with no rules and in different positions. To collect them, you need to look carefully and calculate the distance and path of the watermelon so that you get three golden stars in each level.


In particular, at higher levels, you will face more difficulties and challenges. Moreover, rotating iron circles with sharp spikes will destroy your watermelon whenever it touches. So, you have to adjust the direction of the watermelon to shoot it to the target and avoid colliding with the iron circles. Ready to conquer all levels?


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Controls: Hold, drag and release with your left mouse.