Ovo GamePlay:

Ovo - the new option from Gogy online games 4 kids - demands a fast skill set as you are going to maneuver the movement of a stickman and try to make him move through a high-speed platform. The place is filled with other players who are also very quick on their feet and are trying to reach the destination as fast as possible.

Your job is to master the movement while being on a large panel with tons of moves possible, but need a bit of coordination if you want to beat all the levels in both easy and hard modes. There are 20 coins scattered on the levels, so do your best to gather them as they can be very helpful in trading for new skins, outfits, and accessories! The toughness of the game starts when the speed increases and other players try to outrun you while you are still struggling.

Jump, slide through the block, break the ground, dodge the bullets, and climb like a pro to beat the level obstacles. It's a die-and-retry type of game from https://gogy2.xyz/, so you will get another chance to restart the level if you fail. Be quick and grab the final flag at the destination as it will bring you to the next level. Activate hard mode in the options if you are an advanced player to get tougher challenges.

oreover, the advanced mode can help get level replays so that you can learn more about the strategies and where they went wrong to gain more experience. A cool feature is a toggle in the advanced mode that allows you to debug the challenges easier. Come to explore the 52 theme-based levels with changeable control keys! Other games like Flick Rugby will be equally cool options!

Instructions: Move using arrows or WASD or the mouse.

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