Pakour 2.0 GamePlay:

Welcome to Parkour 2.0 at gogi com.You will be attracted for the first time because it really improves your agility. Challenges are waiting for you. Let's get started now. Let's go! Be the best player in the obstacle game. And do not miss the fun moments of playing Pakour 2.0 online game to practice your observing and moving skills. The game is for a single player. You do not have to play with anyone.


Your task is to help the female athlete overcome the obstacles and get the highest score. You need to jump over the obstacles below and avoid colliding with the walls above the head. If you touch it, you will play again from the beginning. The game does not require the time but it requires your speed. You need to move quickly to help the athlete run through, otherwise, the game will end. The game has three levels.


Each level will have different scores. You will have to pass that score and get to the next level. The game is not too hard, but you need to know how to observe and act quickly and accurately. Winning this game depends on your ingenuity. You will become a professional athlete, be tested for high-speed racing. With vivid graphic design, the race is held as a lively picture that will attract the players.


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Arrow keys move the character

Z key to bend down

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