Parking Smartly GamePlay:

Parking Smartly is a fun arcade game at gogy club. Are you clever enough to park your car in the best way possible? Prove it in this game by parking your car in the best way possible. You can only travel forward. Make use of nearby objects to change direction. Move carefully and make sure your reactions are quick! However, don't bump into any other cars or you will lose points! 


Combines car parking together with puzzle elements. In the game at Gogy games 2018, you drive a cartoon car. Attempt to collect all the puzzle pieces in order to get a parking ticket to allow you to exit the area. At each level, you must complete the challenges. Besides, you can also find hidden sums of cash! At the end of each level, you can gain a star rating of 1 to 3 at the end of each level and see how good your parking and driving skills are!


Attempt to complete each level with a star rating of 3. Visit http://gogy2.xyz/. Comment on this arcade game and evaluate it by giving stars.  Share it with friends to play together and seek games namely Police Car Parking 4



◉ 2D graphics with many colorful objects

◉ Puzzle gameplay that makes you figure out a way to grab all the stuff and exit the parking area

◉ Hidden cash and door

◉ Obstacles and traps that can be in your way



Use the Arrow keys to drive.

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