Piano Tiles GamePlay:

In the Piano Tiles, you can play any piano songs although you’ve never tried playing piano before. All you need is to keep clicking the black tiles and avoid touching the white ones. Here at Gogy2, once you touch a white tile, the game is over immediately. Besides, if you can’t touch the black tiles before they reach the bottom line of the game screen, you lose the game, too. The melodies of a song are not the same all the time. So, the key to play this game is your timely reaction.


Keep your eyes to observe carefully before every action in order not to touch the wrong tiles. The game offers you a list of 70 different piano songs to play. And this list still is updated with new songs. It’s so wonderful! But, only the first two songs in the list are playable at the beginning of the game. Then, try your best to hit the highest possible score and gain diamonds to unlock other songs in the list.


Invite your friend to join with you for more fun! You may want to play similar games such as Magic Piano. Check out at http://gogy2.xyz/ to discover other exciting genres of games. Enjoy your time!


How to play?

Use mouse click to play this game on the computer or tap directly on the game screen if you play the game on other devices.

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