Pixel Rally 3D GamePlay:

Who loves racing games and wants to find a dramatic racing game? Raise your arm up! Because we will introduce you to the most attractive and challenging racing game in the world. Don’t miss out on any chance to explore Pixel Rally 3D game online at gogyGames 2018 and become the best racer now.


Before starting this game, you can choose cars with different colors as your preference. In particular, you can upgrade more modern cars if you have a lot of gold coins. Try your best to earn lots of gold coins and upgrade many modern cars to conquer all the races. This race will have the participation of many other racers in the world. The game's context is designed in a vast desert with endless tracks.


Your goal is to drive your car to overcome all obstacles and challenges on the track. Hold the steering wheel to speed up in decisive moments to break through and overtake all the other rivals on the track at Gogy kids. On the screen, you will see a small map that allows you to observe the location and distance between your car and other rivals. Be careful with the curves and underside because your car is very easy to collide with the surrounding fence.


Are you ready to win the prize in this race yet? Good luck! Besides, if you love racing games, you can enjoy more with Jeep Ride at http://gogy2.xyz/.



The players can use arrows or WASD to drive

Space to use Nitro.

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