Pumking.io GamePlay:

Pumking.io is an infernal FPS io shooting game that you can play here on gogy exciting games. This is a battle royale type game, meaning that to win you must be the last man standing at the end of the match. The map that you get to play on has cool features such as burning lava which can rapidly deplete your health if you come into contact with it. 


Pump-up for a spooktacular Halloween themed shooter. Ghosts and ghouls hide behind every corner and all you have to defend yourself from the throngs of ghaustly zombies is your wits and a blaster. Take no prisoners and always shoot first in this exciting Halloween themed shooter! The only objective in this battle royale game is to kill as many pumpkins as possible! The battle is fierce because pumpkins become extra strong by the Halloween infernal party.


Gear up and prepare for battle in a haunted map filled with fire, fog and plenty of places to hide. Get into the Halloween spirit and take on all of the other players to prove your shooting skills against all others. You can also try to team with friends or other players.


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Use the WASD or arrow keys to move

Left mouse button to shoot

Space bar to jump

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