Robot Bar Find The Differences GamePlay:

Robot Bar Find The Differences - the new Gogy online game 4 kids - is not just about the ability to spot the differences but it's also about a new adventure taking place in a sci-fi environment! You will be hopping in a thrilling and fun game that is filled with different frames of robots. The robots in the images are doing all types of activities, from enjoying the time in a lounge to working and building the machine.

As it's a simple spot-the-difference game, you will carry out the task of searching to locate the pairs of points that show all the differences in these two pictures. Let's make sure that all the differences are located and signified on the screen before the time runs out. You only have two to three minutes per stage to successfully find them all, therefore, start hitting the quest immediately after the clock starts running.

The hard part of this gameplay is that you can't randomly touch the screen with the hope to catch the differences. You will have to make sure your tap is precisely on the differences. In case you tap on the wrong spots more than 5 times without spotting any correct pair, the game will be over!

A tip for new players is to keep an eye on bigger points and capture the obvious differences first before starting working on the more hidden parts. Moreover, this game can be shared with some friends and you guys can work on solving the problems together! Be the fastest player to crack all sets of images and conquer the robot world in more games such as Bounce And Collect or Letter Fit from https://gogy2.xyz/!

How to play: Tap on the different spots using the mouse cursor or by touching the screen for mobiles/ tablets.

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