Shoot Up GamePlay:

As its name suggests, Shoot Up is a fun shooting game for all ages in gogy games. However, in order to conquer this game, you not only need good shooting skills but also the ability to observe and solve puzzles. Why is that so? Because this is a perfect combination between shooting and puzzle game. In this game you will see a series of blocks of numbers with different values that are arranged randomly to form a horizontal row on the screen.


The purpose of this number block is to prevent and destroy your USB drive. So to move forward, you are forced to break through the number blocks to create gaps in the move. However, you should remember that you can only break one value in one shot.


For example at www gogy.com, you need to shoot 2 times to break the number blocks to 2. To save time and shorten the distance, you should choose to shoot at the number blocks which have low values such as 1 or 2 to pass the sequence numbers in an easy way. Moreover, the distance between your USB and the serial number is extremely short.


If you don’t shoot accurately into the lower value blocks, you will easily be destroyed when you hit them. The speed of shooting is quite fast, so you need to make the correct choices to get as far as possible. Are you ready to challenge your talent? Check out Jagged and Moving Up at http://gogy2.xyz!



Use the mouse to control your USB to go left or right in the game.