Sky Castle GamePlay:

In the Sky Castle, each floating block of concrete will make up a floor of the castle. The more the blocks you stack, the higher the castle is. Here at Gogy unblocked games, you just need to click the game screen to place a block. It is the best to click when the new block and the lower block are correctly aligned. The game does not go at a fast pace, but your action must be fast to achieve the preciseness.


In case you can only partly match the two blocks, then the incompatible part of the new block will be automatically taken out. This results in narrowing the contacting surface then it becomes more challenging to match the next blocks. So, the more precisely you match the blocks, the more chances you will get to raise the castle height, right?


Make use of your eye-hand coordination and try to take action in the right place at the right time. You can use the coins you gain by stacking the blocks to purchase Insurance that helps to maintain the incompatible parts. However, remember that you do not always have enough coins to afford it, thus, be always focused! The best result will be saved after each play. What is your best result? Enjoy the game!


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How to play?

On the computer: Use your mouse to play.

On the mobile phone: Tap directly on the game screen.

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