Super Car Chase GamePlay:


Super Car CHASE brings you ultimate joy to race against the enemy cars and have fun. Game offer amazing Racing experience through the Snowy terrains, grass lands and inside the desert areas. Earn coins and unlock the cars Race against the AI Don't get caught by the enemy cars.

Fasten your seatbelts and enter the arena of this adrenaline-stimulating car chase survival game, featuring countless sports cars. It is time to put your months of fast speed survival practice to good use! Take sharp turns at a high speed, dodge the cars and steer clear of all kinds of barriers standing in your way by playing this endless survival game. Countless super cars will come to hit and crash into your car, but you must stay focused on dodging every attack. Try the game now!

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PC: Use A-D or Right and Left arrow keys to move the player car

Mobile: Press on right and left of the screen to move the player car