Surf Riders GamePlay:

Surf Riders is one of the exciting and attractive racing games that get lots of positive feedback from players. The game promises to bring players an exciting experience in terms of speed, gameplay and graphics. Warning! The speed of this game is quite fast and dangerous, so you may have to play it again.


In this game, you will control a character and your purpose is to go as far as possible. However, this stretch is not easy because there are many obstacles and challenges appearing here. To go as far as you can, you have to create the perfect and flat path to overcome. How to create the perfect path in this game at gogy jogos online?


Try your best to create road sections by changing the height of the ice blocks. Ice cubes will appear continuously with different heights on the screen. Your task is to change their height to create a perfect path. Be careful with the different ice blocks because the speed of movement in the game is pretty fast. So you will not have much time to think, instead you should watch carefully and adjust the height accordingly.


In particular, the distance between the ice cubes is quite short, so you have to concentrate to observe and adjust the appropriate height. Do you love other racing games? Don’t miss the chance to explore more with some similar games such as Jump To The Core and The Lost Pyramid at http://gogy2.xyz/.


How to play?

Use the mouse to play or tap on the screen.

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