Thief Puzzle Online GamePlay:

As the popular thief, try to gather all the desired items in this game of Thief Puzzle Online before any of the policemen managed to show up at the scene and catch you in the act! In this fun Gogy online game 4 kids, the challenge is all about getting your required items without any failure. The faster you manage to complete the challenge, the higher your scores per stage shall be. Don't spend too much time searching or roaming the place.

Instead, start getting a grasp of the basic layout of the game before hitting the map. You will be moving through the levels trying to avoid getting caught by the police. Aim for the exit door as soon as you start the level. The moment you get caught by the police, the stage is over. The final objective is to unlock all the available missions and clear out the objects that you need to gather in this game. Make sure to observe the rooms carefully before hitting any location.

This game shall test your ability to spot the items and manage the police's movement at the same time, so be prepared to multitask and utilize the maximum of your skill sets. Navigation tools and keys in this game will be easy enough for even newbies to grasp in one go. How many scores will you get and will you be able to hit the highest rank on this game board of Gogy2 puzzle ?

Feel free to enjoy more games like Daily Jigsaw and Fluffy Cubes if you love this type of interactive gameplay with user-friendly interface. We encourage kids of all ages to showcase their talents and have a blast with these online gaming sessions! Game controls: Use the left mouse button to choose the next movement direction.

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