Ursula Brain Surgery GamePlay:


Ursula is one of Disney's most known villains in the entire world, as she was the one who granted Ariel the possibility of living on land, only to steal away her voice. While she is a villain, it is still not good to be happy if she has health problems, like it is the case for this game, where she is in need of a brain surgery, and you are luckily the one to help her with it, so that her brain comes back to normal and she is healthy once again. 

Ursula was minding her own business when some reckless sailors drop a very heavy anchor to the sea straight to the top of her head. But Ursula got her fame from her powerful magic so she won't dead so easily. Although, the anchor did a nasty damage to her head. Let's fix her head so she can roam the sea once again!

Try to complete the brain surgery without messing anything up! Ursula is under the operation table today and it is your job to play as a Doctor to fix her head. Use different tools to fix up your patient in this funny and gross game at Gogy2.

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Instruction to play: Mouse or touch to screen!

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