Whack 'em All GamePlay:

Whack 'em All game at Gogy free is one of the fun and exciting games in the world. This game has received positive feedback from millions of players from many different countries. In this game, you will have to act fast and accurately to destroy dirty rats in your garden. Imagine that you have a beautiful garden and you love it. In the garden, you have many kinds of plants and fruits. However, dirty rats are looking for ways to sabotage your garden. Don’t allow this to happen!


To destroy the evil rats, you have to concentrate to look carefully and hit them correctly. These mice will appear in a piece of land with different positions. So you have to use a quick hammer to hit them whenever they appear on the ground. They will continuously go underground and appear unexpectedly in different places. At Gogy 2 game, try your best to destroy as many mice as possible and earn the highest score.


In addition, you will have another important task in the game. You must watch carefully and hit correctly or you will hit the bombs. If you hit the bombs, you will be deducted 100 points.


Try your best to avoid hitting the bombs and gain more points. Do you love this genre? Don’t forget to explore more with Titonic Fisherman at http://gogy2.xyz/.


How to play? The players can use the mouse to play the game.

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