Wheel Smash GamePlay:

Imagine a giant wheel moving on the road and you begin to see everything crushed. Wheel Smash surprises you with the power of wheels. This game is updated at Gogy online. Millions of players always explore our special gaming world in their free time without being bothered by ads. Repair boxes or tubes of ice cream will be shot out if they are crushed. A special challenge for you. Go to the finish line and collect diamonds to unlock more powerful wheels on your journey. Any player would like to look for ways to play special games and new games.

Choose the right theme for you on the journey we've suggested for players around the world. You will be surprised to discover this exciting new game space. Share your favorite games on your online game list at http://gogy2.xyz/. Each player makes use of their free time to complete new games and relax without stress or spend too much time searching. Share how you play the game to overcome all the challenges.

Ruby blocks were crushed under the wheels. Other items are also conquered in this game. The power of the wheel is the strongest. Is this a new game to help you reduce stress? What is the latest journey for you to explore in your free time? This is an interesting new game. Do not hesitate. Join the game anytime and win with your skills. The next level will be harder and you must pass all the objects on the road. The list of similar games we have updated are Mini Ninja and Dragon Slayer FPS


Press the right arrow key to move the wheel, select the left mouse button to unlock new wheels with the diamond number that you earn

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