Wheelie Bike GamePlay:

Would you like to try the feeling to become a circus artist? You will have the opportunity to perform. You will like the first time. Get started with Wheelie Bike at gogy com immediately. Now is your performance time. Well done. Good luck! You will become a professional and talented circus artist. You will win this game. You can get the highest score and you will learn how to balance your bike.


Do not miss the opportunity to explore the Wheelie Bike online game in gogy online games for some great moments of relaxation in your life. This game is for one player. Your task will be to balance the bike, you will click on the front wheel and keep the wheel to move the bike. If the front wheel hits the ground, the game will end. The game requires you to keep moving speed and intelligence. The game is not too hard right?


As long as you have the skills, you will overcome these challenges. Be careful with everything around, because you can fall down if you lost balance on your bike on the road. How long will you survive? Drive longer to get higher scores. Enjoy this fun with your friends. Invite them to play at the weekend. For more relaxing moments and people closer together. You will become a winner and have a professional circus performance while playing the game.


With graphic design and vivid graphics, this game will appeal to you in your first try. How will you experience the sense of balance bike? Will know how to control the speed of moving vehicles longer? If you love this game, let's play the same games such as Spongbob Rider and Stickman Bike Rider at http://gogy2.xyz/. Enjoy now.



Use the mouse to hit the wheel and keep the car balanced.

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