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Do you know how to make a Yummy Super Pizza from scratch? Let's learn not only the recipe but also the tips on how to make it deliciously in this game of Gogy cooking game for kids. If you are a fan of this game, you can pick it up anytime from the list and dive into the cooking world online! Your goal in this game is to follow the steps and conquer all five tasks that are required to create the best pizzas.

The work of creating the best pizzas is not easy, but with our tutorial, you will be able to make the work fun! Five parts of the task list will be entirely different and each requires a different skillset for creating a good base of a pizza. The first one will be adding the ingredients to create a soft dough. It's crucial to choose the right icon among the four on the screen to select the suitable action.

This will be the base of the pizza, therefore, make sure that you bake it using the oven afterward. Make sure that the heat is enough for the baking so as not to overcook it. Once the base is ready, add all the toppings that you want to make the pizza shine even better. Bake it another time will add a glaze on top of the pizza and showcase your skills!

The best part of this game from https://gogy2.xyz/ is that you can serve your customers using the baked pizza as well. But don't make them wait for too long or else the result will not be as good. Showcase the talents of yours in cooking with more games like Dr Panda School or Evil Nun Schools Out without any cost!

Controlling keys: Click and move the mouse to choose the ingredients and interact.

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