Zombie Sniper GamePlay:

Zombie Sniper is the perfect gaming option for the fans of shooting and showcasing your sniper skills in this field! Let's start hunt down the zombies that are scattering around and make sure that you finish defeating all of them to win each stage. There will be some zombies taking over many territories of the world and roaming the place, we need you to aim, shoot and make sure it's a good headshot!

For each level, there is a limited time range that you can use to aim and adjust your microscope before taking a shot. Keep aiming until you're satisfied to pull the trigger. Don't waste any bullets given to you as only 4 or 5 are available per mission. Human beings are still lingering here and there, which means that another task for you is to distinguish correctly between the zombies and the human.

One wrong shot and your scores will be diminished as you have shot the innocent. Will you be brave enough and have adequate skill to be the protagonist and the sole survivor of this game from https://gogy2.xyz/? Cover the ground on which the civilians are standing so that there is no mistake in aiming. A tip for the new players is that you can gather more money after succeeding in each task by following the guide on the screen.

Also, the number of zombies will increase as the game difficulty increases throughout your progress. Let's learn the basics in this game and get a grip of your pistol to use it efficiently while being in battle! Come to our wide range of games with a diversity, ranging from games like Blocky Chains to the new choices such as Run Blue imposter Run.

Instructions: Click and drag the mouse to aim and shoot. Swipe and click on mobile and tablet to play.

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