1010 Deluxe GamePlay:

You are hunting for something simple but interesting? You feel like it’s not the great time to play a strategy game or action game? Well, Gogy free online will introduce you to a great choice that will make you immerse right from the first playing. Do you not believe it? Let’s give 1010 Deluxe a try - It presents a 10x10 grid and 3 given blocks in different shapes each time.


1010 Deluxe not only attracts you with its enjoyable gameplay but also with its attractive graphics. In this exciting at gogy com, your task is to drag these blocks and arrange them in perfect rows and columns to score. Like Tetris - A tile-matching puzzle game. Do not randomly put each shape in whatever position. Because you will find it hard to keep continuing later. You must think carefully each step in order to form a complete row or column and by doing that, the pieces will convert into points. Each shape is designed with the beautiful color. They look like tons of diamond and gems are presented in front of your eyes. Try now! 


Strategically place all three shapes on the grid during each round and go as far as you can. Play this kids games right away and earn the highest score. In addition, you can play with your friends to increase competitiveness and joy. Compete to find out who has the higher score. Have fun!


By the way, you can experience more games like this one if you want, like Sushi Matching on http://gogy2.xyz/


Controls: Use the mouse to drag and arrange each shape 

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